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City & Guilds 7716 Diploma Course

The City & Guilds Diploma course is an advanced level course with the emphasis on developing personal creativity & style! It is an extension of the Level 3 course and for experienced stitchers who want to explore innovative and contemporary styles of quiltmaking, using experimental techniques.

The course scheduled for September 2013 at Midsomer Quilting will be held once a month on Saturdays and will run over three years. Please contact me direct for further details (see Contact link on Homepage).

Course content
The course consists of three units: (For examples click on the Tutor profile link on the Homepage)

1. Research projects:
i) The first is a visual study on a theme chosen by the student and builds on the design skills learned on the previous Level 3 course. It includes further design explorations such as Tessellations, the Fibonacci sequence and using a computer for design development.
ii) A study of four contemporary quilters looking at their design style and making a sample using their techniques.
iii) Research into the historical background to quilting.

2. A Portfolio of original samples: using innovative techniques and based on the designs developed for the Research project. Techniques will include:

i) Fabric Manipulation – for example tucks, pleats, slashing, fraying, twin-needling, embellishing
ii) Textile Decoration - dyeing, dye-painting, resists, transfoil, computer transfer
iii) A Collection of Materials – using, in addition to cotton, other materials such as silk, velvet, knits, leather, metals, plastic, watersoluble fabric, Lutrador and including making hand-made paper and felt.

3. Assessment Projects
There are three assessment projects:
i) A quilt – for the wall or bed minimum size 60 x 60 inches (152 x 152cm)
ii) A 3-Dimensional item
iii) A miniature quilt
All items will be self-designed and should reflect the high standards of craftsmanship expected at this level. One (or all) of the assessment pieces should be developed from the Research project.


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