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A Future and a Hope (detail)

Dead Sea Scrolls (detail)

Recycling Boxes (detail)

The Big Apple (detail)

Wheels within Wheels (detail)

Classes for 2022-2023. Welcome to this website featuring work from the Patchwork & Quilting students I teach in Bristol & North Somerset. The recent move to my own studio has been wonderful as I now have everything to hand – my books, resources, a lovely big pin-wall and a table for layering up big quilts. Plus there’s plenty of on-site parking! I’m winding down the City & Guilds courses I’ve taught for 25 years and I’m concentrating now on offering short or long-term leisure classes. These are proving popular because people can choose what they want to learn rather than follow a set programme and they can work at their own pace. There are courses to suit all levels of ability from beginner to advanced.

Note – The Beginner’s class this year will be on Saturdays (monthly) to suit those who work. It covers a wide range of essential techniques to enable those new to the craft to get to grips with the basics and make a quilt. There are lots of examples on the website of sampler quilts made by absolute beginners.

For further information on all the courses please click on the link below;

Website Leisure Class info 2022-23

If you’d like to discuss learning a particular topic either individually or as a group, then please email me through the website (the contact details are above).

Exhibition News –  the exhibition venue we had at UWE in Bristol was turned into a ‘Nightingale’ hospital during the pandemic and alas,  there are no plans to revert it back to an exhibition space. I will stay on the look-out for holding an exhibition, especially to celebrate the wonderful work City & Guilds students have completed in the past two years.

Galleries  – please click on the first thumbnail picture and follow the arrows to scroll through each Gallery. I try and update the galleries every year, but it does take me ages – sorry!

For booking Forms & check availability of places – please contact me through the ‘Contact’ link above

Links – there are links to other artists mentioned on the website.  The majority of work featured has been designed by students and myself, but where work has been inspired by books and workshops, the author has been credited and ‘links’ created to their websites.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the inspirational items students have created – they never cease to amaze me! It’s a privilege to teach such enthusiastic students – we have a lot of fun! If you’d like to join us,  just get in touch!

                                                                                                                                                Lynne Quinn – July 2022

P.S. Thankyou Neil at ‘Winterbourne Computer Services’ for helping me create this site!