This gallery features the five craft assessments I did for the Level 3 course, previously known as 7922 Part 1. (Click on the first image to enlarge and follow the arrows to scroll through the gallery). At that time assessment briefs were given by the tutors (students now write their own) and for the Accessory Assessment we were asked to design a bag on an architectural theme. I chose Attic Windows and designed a zipped bag to carry my sketchbook, pens, pencils etc…for sketching outdoors. I later made a smaller bag to take round the V&A.

For the Interior Decor Assessment we had to design an unconventional cushion cover with the pad an integral part of the design. It also had to reflect recent design work on either Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

An item of Table Linen was the third assessment, and we had to develop a block design. I experimented with twisted logcabin, having recently done a workshop with the wonderful Rita Humphries and her ‘Rita’s Whirlies’!

Wall-hanging Assessment – for this brief we were asked to design a wall-hanging using any applique technique and based on studies for the design topic ‘Folk Culture.’ I chose Indian Textiles.

Final Quilt Assessment – for this we were given free-choice. One of the first books I bought on patchwork was Judy Martin’s ‘Scrap Quilts’ and from this I’d made a quilt using the ‘Snail’s Trail’ block, which fascinated me! I decided to play with this!