City & Guilds Diploma in Design & Craft 7716.68 (Previously called Part II)

The City & Guilds Diploma course is an advanced level course with the emphasis on developing personal creativity & style. It is an extension of the Level 3 course and for experienced stitchers who want to explore innovative and contemporary styles of quilt-making, using experimental techniques.

City & Guilds have recently extended the registration period for the Design and Craft courses, so new students will be able to join the current class in September 2019. The Diploma will also take place at the same venue as the Level 3 course at Downend Folk House in Bristol from September 2019. Please be aware that students will need to register for the course by June 2019 (3 months beforehand). Please get in touch for further details.

Course content

1. Research projects:

i) The first is a visual study on a theme chosen by the student developing the design skills learned on the previous Level 3 course. Additional design includes mathematical series such as the Fibonacci series, tessellations, spirals and using a computer for design. This portfolio of work provides the inspiration for the coursework, including experimental samples and assessments.

ii).The second project is a study of four contemporary quilters looking at their design style and making a sample using their techniques.

iii) The third project is an illustrated look at the historical background to quilting.

2. A Portfolio of original samples: using innovative techniques and based on the designs developed for the Research project. Techniques will include:
i) Fabric exploration – including embellishing, manipulating, quick-piecing, precision piecing,miniature techniques, layering/slashing, burning, shrinking & generally distressing!
ii) Textile Decoration – dyeing, dye-painting, printing, resists, foiling & transfer technqiues

iii) A Collection of Materials – cotton, silk, velvet, knits, sheers, leather, metals, plastics, bonded fibres, watersoluble fabric, hand-made paper and felt!

3. Assessment Projects

There are three assessment projects:

i) A quilt – for the wall or bed minimum size 60 x 60 inches (152 x 152cm)

ii) A 3-Dimensional item

iii) A miniature quilt – overall size no more than 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30cm)

All items will be self-designed and should reflect the high standards of craftsmanship expected at this level. One (or all) of the assessment pieces should be developed from the Research project.


Work is assessed by the tutor and accredited by City & Guilds through the Link 2 Create centre (for which there is an additional fee). Assessment is flexible; there are no exams. Work is evaluated and recorded in a Logbook and on completion leads to the City & Guilds Diploma Certificate.

Additional costs
Students will need to provide their own materials and bring a sewing machine, rotary cutting equipment class.

Additional support

Students are supported with handouts on the various techniques and I have a library of over 300 books available to borrow. I also keep a well stocked cupboard of essential items for students to borrow, so if you forget something it’s not the end of the world!

Booking a class

Please use the link on the Homepage to contact me direct for a booking form or if you have any queries. On receipt of the booking form, I’ll send you a course information sheet with further details about the class, the venue and requirements for the first day.